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About Me!

People instinctively connect with food; it’s a language that transcends barriers. We all relate to those feelings we remember smelling, touching or creating food, and it’s important to be able to connect with people throughout the world. I hope that with each recipe I post, and through my content on Instagram we can connect to as many people as possible. Food, after all, is something we all need and understand, let’s make it an adventure too!       Ever since I could reach the kitchen counter, I've been exploring the world of cooking and experimenting with ingredients.  I started helping out when I was about 3 years old, my parents were always hosting incredible dinner parties with amazing, colorful, and creative dishes. I was inspired and always wanted to join them, so I started helping around by doing things like cleaning the lettuce in the salad spinner , whisking eggs or pancake mix, washing vegetables, putting together lasagna with my mom, baking challah with my mom and more. I was getting my hands dirty early which was a big jump start to where I am now. My culinary journey took a thrilling turn when I got the chance to compete on Chopped Jr. at the age of 12, where my love for cooking truly found its purpose. Growing up in NYC allowed me to experience the rich tapestry of cultures and foods from around the world. During the covid-19 pandemic, my family decided to move out the The Hamptons, and we have been here since. Moving out of the city changed the way that my family and I cooked, and we started to use lots more local and fresh ingredients that were available- we also started a big garden! To me ingredients do not just create meals, they help feed the soul and they allow those of us who may not be as polished with our words to describe our feelings in another way. Additionally, in 2020 I co-founded Hamptons Hound which is an all natural dog treat buissness, donating 15% to The Scarlett Fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering towwards pediatric cancer research. The art of developing dishes and watching my family and friends enjoy these creations brings so much joy to my life. Through my website, I share not just recipes, but stories – the essence of my lifelong affair with food.

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