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Partnering with Dr. Bressler!

Partnering with Dr. Bressler this summer has already been such an incredible and fun experience. Since 2003, Dr.Bressler has been a house call veterinarian in the Hamptons and New York City. For those who don't know, Dr. Bressler leaves dog biscuits all around the Hamptons every year for people to take! This year, she asked me to make and package 2,000 all-natural and human-grade chicken liver dog biscuits!

I recommend keeping the recipe simple. The base of the recipe is whole wheat flour, I am making a different post for "guidelines" for making your own dog biscuits that will be under the recipe tab. I am working on bringing these biscuits to market first locally in the Hamptons later this month so stay tuned!

I partnered with Dr. Bressler this year to create healthy all-natural treats for dogs. My focus is on creating complete nutrition for the whole family, including my four-legged fur babies. I also incorporate an array of superfoods into the daily nutritional diet, giving everyone, including pets, flavor, and fun by #eatingtherainbow I chose to take on this hardcore challenge of making 2,000 dog biscuits in 10 days because I wanted to find a recipe that my dogs (and yours) will love! Because I have 2 dogs, I know how hard it is to find a good and healthy treat that your dog loves.

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