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Green Beetz Collaboration!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

First off let me explain to you what Green Beetz is. Green Beetz is an amazing organization that focuses on health, sustainability, and education through food. They host events and many more things, they also have a monthly newsletter that features some chefs, and influencers and they let you know what people are doing to prepare our world for a healthier future. Their website-

I remember my first time going to a Green Beetz summer event in East Hampton in 2015. It happened to be their first one! It was amazing, I was surrounded by food, games, and a beautiful setting! The second year I went, I got to meet Buddy from Cake Boss!! I was so happy! After that amazing experience, I went every year, and always had a great time! This past year I was asked to work at one of their stations, of course, I said yes!

I had an amazing time, I was put at the "eat the rainbow" station where I was teaching people how to make pasta, the pasta was colored naturally with beats, and spinach, etc. Behind me, you were able to customize a pasta dish of your own with lots of vegetables so you could #eattherainbow! I met so many awesome and inspiring people and now I am currently collaborating with Green Beetz for their November Thanksgiving newsletter. I am so excited and fortunate for this opportunity and can't wait for the upcoming years of partnering and collaborating.

"Green Beetz is a non-profit organization that is developed to help tweens especially navigate our complex food system of the 21st century"

"It promotes a healthy lifestyle as well as teaches through science, math, the environment, and cultural concepts all through the lens of food"

"Green Beetz is an approach that is instead of prescriptive to not eat this and not eat that its a holistic approach for children to power them to navigate the food cycle and the food system and everything they encounter in their daily lives through food to give them the skills and the abilities to make these food choices and lifestyle choices themselves"

The four modules of Green Beetz:

1. Food and the Environment - Food choices affect us and food is all around us

2. Food and the Body - How food affects our health

3. The big business of food - how food affects us economically

4. Cooking basics and the culture of food - How food has a very important social roll in our lives as well as how some cooking choices can affect the health of our foods

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